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What is Techno-Weld?

TECHNO-WELD is a revolutionary material in the field of Aluminum Joining, and overcomes some of the major problems associated with traditional methods:


Joining with TECHNO-WELD is a similar process to gas soldering/silver soldering, therefore traditional Aluminum welding skills are not necessary. Like soldering, it is a two stage process, where the first stage is to heat the workpiece to 720°F and "tin" the surfaces to be joined with the TECHNO-WELD rod - the TECHNO-WELD alloy diffuses into the surface , changing the composition and reducing the melting point of the parent alloy.

The second stage is to reheat the mated surfaces to 720°F, allowing the surface layers to fuse together. Any general heat source appropriate to the job can be used, such as an Acetylene or Propane torch. No need to raise the temperature of the job dangerously near the melting point of the Alloy itself, avoiding the possibility of sudden collapse of the job.


The process requires no Flux at all, and is therefore free from toxic flux fumes. There is no need for special cleaning processes after the work has been done. Any joints that have been prepared with TECHNO-WELD can be ground back and painted or plated without the possibility of the coating "spoiling" due to flux migration.

A STRONG FUSION WELD - TECHNO-WELD forms a true Fusion Weld. Although the welder is not heating the workpiece up to it's melting point, the area of workpiece under the correctly applied TECHNO-WELD will melt and form an alloy with the TECHNO-WELD material without high local temperatures. The resultant material is very hard (like a soft version of mild steel), has good tensile and compressive strength, which serves to reinforce the join or filled area.


 Since the TECHNO-WELD process only requires the workpiece to be heated evenly to 720°F, cast and thin sheet material will not distort as much as is so commonly experienced with having to achieve the high temperatures needed for Gas, Tig or Mig welding in a local area.


TECHNO-WELD is effective on virtually all grades of Aluminum Alloys, including special derivatives such as MMC's, Birmabrite (Land Rover bodies), as well as Zinc and low Magnesium content Alloys.

TECHNO-WELD lends itself to a range of application techniques to suit the nature of the job; from simple manual application, to fully automated dip-bath techniques.

The TECHNO-WELD material has a high surface tension in it's molten state, and can therefore be used to bridge gaps and holes up to 10mm in dia., and can be used to "build up" areas of missing metal.