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Step-by-step Instructions

 Step 1

Cleaning. Clean the area to be welded thoroughly, using the Stainless-Steel brush included in the Techno-Weld kit.

Step 2

Heating. Heat the area evenly, keeping the flame moving.  Start heating back from the area to which you wish to apply the Techno-Weld rod.  Move the flame away and touch the Techno-Weld rod to the surface where you wish to apply the material.  As soon as the aluminum is at the proper temperature, the rod will melt.

Step 3

Coating. Coat the surfaces to be joined with a thin layer of Techno-Weld, in the same way you would "tin" a solder joint.  The aluminum must be hot enough to allow the Techno-Weld rod to form a silvery trail on the metal.

Step 4

Abrading.  A thin layer of oxide will have formed between the Techno-Weld and the surface of the aluminum.  This needs to be broken, and is done by drawing the Stainless-Steel Abrader through the molten Techno-Weld.

Step 5

Joining.  To join two pieces of aluminum, coat both pieces as outlined above, position them properlyand just evenly re-heat the aluminum surrounding the area until the Techno-Weld re-melts and the components "sweat" together.  Draw the Abrader through the molten Techno-Weld to form a neat fillet.

Step 6

Cooling.  The fusion weld will cool and harden in a few seconds, just let it cool naturally, and as soon as the aluminum has cooled enough for comfortable handling it can be ground, machined, drilled, tapped, plated, or painted as required.

Step 7

Building Up.  Techno-Weld can be built up to replace/repair missing parts.  Just follow steps 1-4 above, then heat the Techno-Weld rod in the flame until it melts onto the coated aluminum, gently working it in with the Abrader.

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