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Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is it?

A properly made Techno Weld joint is at least as strong as the parent metal.

 What thickness of Aluminum  is it possible to repair ?

Any thickness from .0005 " to any size, provided you have the heat source to get the joint area to 380°C

 What preparation/cleaning is necessary?

Just clean away excessive oil and dirt from the joint/repair area with brush or chemical cleaner and then finally, thoroughly clean the joint/repair area with the Stainless Steel brush.

 What alloys work with TECHNO WELD?

  • Cast Aluminum  (Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Transmission casings, Brake calipers,etc)
  • Magnesium/Aluminum  castings
  • Aluminum  Extrusions
  • DurAluminum
  • Birmabrite (Land Rover/Range Rover bodies)
  • Mazak (zinc based alloy) door handles, carburettor bodies, trim etc.
  • Titanium
  • Techno-Weld fusion-welds all of these metals, and will also weld dissimilar types of Aluminum  together.

How safe is TECHNO WELD to use?

Techno-Weld is entirely safe to use. There are no noxious materials , gases or substances. There is the remotest chance of a zinc oxide fume if used over an extended period (some hours) in a confined space, at temperature higher than that at which Techno-Weld is used. Like all brazing and welding processes , protective clothing and eye wear should always be used. This is clearly stated in the instructions.

 What kind of Joints can you make ?

Any type of joint is possible using Techno Weld

 Can you fill holes with TECHNO WELD?


 Can you build up missing parts with TECHNO WELD?


 Can TECHNO WELD be Chrome plated?


 Can TECHNO WELD be used on Anodised Aluminum ?

Yes, provided you remove the anodised coating in the repair area.

 Can TECHNO WELD be anodised ?

No ( unless the area is nickel plated first)